Third Week – concrete framework, metal bender,games with the children, production of tables and chairs (23rd til 29th of july)

Tasks:In the third week we were focused on:

  • Finalization of the courses, the granular sub-grade course as well as the concrete framework
  • Games with the children
  • Production of the rest of tables 8 pieces
  • Production of all components of the remaining 12 chairs

At the beginning of the week our project team at the construction side together with the local specialist realized, that we need 5 stones- courses of the foundation instead of 4.

At Wednesday we finalized the 5th course and started to construct the granular sub-grade course (about 5-8cm) above.

Paco and Diego went to Kumasi to buy wood and a component material to build up the earth walls later. On their way back the car got stick at the moat. Due to that, it was a long day at wednesday.

Teresa and Nicole talked with the director and the teachers that the aulaterra team want to play games at Tuesday with the children. They prepared two german games (“who is afraid of the shark” and “fire, water, lightening”) to play them with the kids. Josefina, Maria y Encarna prepared baloons and chains for the childrens.

On Wednesday the classes of the primary school celebrated the last day before summer vacation for 6 weeks. The school is used to celebrate the last day with pupils. The children bring a big portion of food to the class, which is made by their parents. It is a traditional ritual to eat together.

We were wondering how big the portions were. Some of them brought a whole pot of noodles. One of the teachers said, that the kids are of course not able to finish the food but they keep it for dinner.The teachers showed as the class who is waiting for the aulaterra school building. They space at the current classroom is to small.

During this week we were supported by a carpenter. He advised and supported us mainly to produce and install the concrete framework.

Walter, Marcello and Johannes are mainly responsible on the construction site. They have to involve Paco and Diego to fell decisions.

Encarna, Maria, Josefina and Teresa are still responsible for the sub-process of varnishing and impregnation of the produced furnitures.Max and Nicole were responsible for the wood-workshop and the production of concrete framework as well as the tables and chairs.

During this week we got produced all of the 24 tables as well as all components of the remaining chairs. On Tuesday we finalized all components of the concrete framework so the carpenter is able to produce it.

To get a better understanding as well as a big picture Nicole and Max involved Encarna, Josefina, Maria y Olga the process of the production of the tables.

On Thursday we finalized the the granular sub-grade. Furthermore Walter, Johannes and Marcello they did a test in setting up the framework.

On Friday and Saturday we set the concrete framework on the foundation. The metal constructor bent the metal rod to stabilize the statically reinforced concrete.

We plan to pour the cement of the reinforced concrete on Monday.On Sunday the aulaterra team took off. We watched a local soccer game in Korase.