Fourth Week – finalization of the cementation and the foundation; Testing in Prototypes of the beams for the roof, framework for windows (30th of july til 5th of august)

On monday we figured out, that a short part of the concretes framework is not straight. Walter and Marcello tried to figure out why and fixed it with a couple pillars.

Furthermore Diego and Paco started to design and build up different prototyps of the beams for the roof. The got supported by the carpenter. We guessed, that on friday we will get the results.

Paco started to do different tests for the ground floor. He used various kinds of mixes of earth and cement to figure out the best percentage of the share of cement.

In addition Walter was responsible for the concrete framework to get ready for the cementation. It was important to integrate the beams for the porch and the drain-pipe within the concrete, because these two things have to be inside the cementation.

Nicole started to design a table for the teacher. Furthermore she gots supported by Max to finish the foots and a couple components of the desk. In addition Nicole designed a garbage bin for the classroom.

On Wednesday our beloved participants from Spain (Maria, Encarna, Josefina, Olga and Teresa ) went back home. It was a pleasure to work with them, thank you very much for their support at Korase!

On Wednesday as well two further participants, Blanca and David, joined the aulaterra team in Korase. Both are architects and Blanca is also one of the members of aulaterra association.

On Thursday we finalized the cementation of the foundation. We gonna let it dry til monday next week.

All the workers sat together with almost the whole team of aulaterra and some guys of Korases community to celebrate the finishing of the cementation.

During the week Johannes, Marcello and Walter produced together with the carpenter the frameworks for the earth walls.

At the end of the week Nicole, Max and David started to design a test for the prototypes of the shelves, which will be placed in the porch to store different things. Both produced all components and put the things together.

At the beginning of next week we plan to fulfill the framework of the shelves with cement.

In addition David and Max were responsible for the framework of the windows, which will be needed inside the earth walls. Both got supported by the carpenter. At the end of the week we got produced 2 of 8 window frameworks and all components for the rest of the 6 pieces.

Like mentioned above we produced two prototypes of the beams for the roof. Blanca jumped in to support Diego and the carpenter is finishing the prototypes.

On Friday we had both results.We want collect different arguments of various persons to decide next week which one we go for.

On Saturday a couple of the aulaterra team did a trip to Kumasi. We spent a nice time there. Walter and Marcello bought new screws and nails to continue with the chairs. Furthermore they were looking for a drill bit. It was a really nice experience to see the “steel market” of Kumasi.