Fifth Week- Remove of concrete Formwork, on-going with windows and formwork for the walls, teaches table (6th August til 12th of August)

On monday the concrete dried more than 2 days and we started to remove the concrete-formwork. Afterwards we put earth in the middle to be able to ramm the floor.

Furthermore we were continuing the exchange with the carpenter about the beam for the roof. Emanuele, the carpenter, gave as some tips and his opinions to figure out the most appropriate beam. Therefore we decided to take a couple days and try further options as well as updates and facelifts to the existing prototypes of the beam.

Blanca started to interview different team members to get informations for the technical documentation of the aulaterra project. Furthermore she archived all drawings, drafts of the various project phases so far.

On Tuesday Max finished together with the carpenter the framework of all windows. Afterwards Max started to draw a draft for the framework of the two doors of the classroom. The final version was reviewed by Paco and Diego.

Marcelo, Walter and Johannes were still working on the formwork for the walls. On Tuesday we did a first try with one of the formwork to figure out if it fits on top of the foundation.

In the middle of the week, three further architects (Cristina, Nico and Sun) joined the project. Nico is also one of the members of aulaterra association.

On Thursday Paco y Cristina were messing and marking the distances of the windows at the concrete foundation.

In addition both went to the market in Ejisu to buy different things (e.g. garbage bins, nails, plastics..)

During the week, Marcelo, Johannes together with Walter were focused on the installation of the formwork for the earth walls. They were continuing to talk with Paco, Diego and the local workers to figure out the best ways for the formwork. In addition Walter, Diego, Nana (the mayor of Korase) and the electricity expert planning and discussing regarding the necessary steps to have light and electricity in the classroom.

On Wednesday Nicole removed the formwork of the prototype of the shelves for the porch.

On Thursday David and Nico figured out a good option to install the doors and the windows at the concrete. Therefore they started to produce metal holders together with the metal bender.

Nicole, Ylvie und Max finished the teachers table.

At the end of the week we got the formwork ready to bring it to the construction site. We focused to install the formwork and implement the necessary components (doors, windows, electricity) during the next days.

Furthermore Cristina, Blanca and Max were continuing the production of the windows. First of all, they figured out how many pieces of every component of the windows are needed – in total 440 pieces!They started to cut the wood for the windows as well as the fins and enough pieces to produce two further windows.

On Friday they got cut the 320 fins (which have to be plained) as well as half of the wood for the windows. Afterwards Blanca started to learn how to plain. In Addition Cristina started to mark the plained fins cause they will be cut next week, to fit in the window frame.

Friday Max produced the framework of the doors together with the carpenter. Diego and Paco were reviewing the doors.

Similar to all the activities we started to sieve the earth. This gonna be a lot and a continuing process. Therefore Nicole and Ylvie build up a couple more sieves. All of us shoveled, when they had a bit time.

David and Nico finished all windows to get ready to place them into the concrete and the formwork of the walls.

On Friday Nicole, Sun and Ylvie produced the rest of the chairs. Now we have 25 (including the teachers chair)

On Saturday we installed the framework of the windows at the concrete foundation. Furthermore Walter and Max were focused to put the pipes for the electricity cable on the right position, before we starting to ram next week.