Sixth Week – Start of Ramming, new participants, continuing with furnitures and windows

On monday we continued to construct the pillar for the doors. We planned to get it ready on Wednesday. Furthermore Blanca and Paco organized a group structure for different kind of jobs (shoveling, ramming, windows and furnitures), because we gonna get a lot of volunteers in Ghana during the next weeks.

On Tuesday another group of german interns and students joined the aulaterra workshop. They gonna support us for the next six weeks. Paco and Max introduced them to the construction site as well as Korase to get familiar with their hood for the next weeks.

In the afternoon the volunteers decided in which group they wanted to be for the first weeks. In each group is somebody who can teach and coach the new participants.

During the day David and Nico were focused on the holder for the pillar between the doors.

On Tuesday evening two further participants of Spain joined us to support aulaterra during the next 2 weeks. Further Matthias from Germany joined aulaterra for 2 weeks.

On Wednesday morning, the representative of the NKA foundation (Frank Appiah) and the head-workman Abbas gave us a workshop to the earth quality, different kind of earths in Ghana as well as different types of how to use it to build up something. At the end they told us about the exact mixture (earth, cement, sand..) of the mud (clay).

Abu and Abbas showed us, how to use and handle a rammer. Furthermore it was really interesting to see the mixture which is measured in “wheelbarrows”.

Right afterwards we started to do the first mixture and started to ram the first layer of the mud walls. The Ghanaian workers are used to it and were very fast. The volunteers (Marcello, Johannes, Walter etc.) tried the best. But with every hit it became better. 🙂 so we got a cadre to do ramming. Because of it is one of the highlights of the whole project, everyone is invited to ram and get experienced in building with earth.

We started to figure out the most effective way of our production chain:

  1. 19 barrows earth plus cement and sand
  2. mixture of mud
  3. fill it in buckets
  4. hand it to the rammer

Finally we got the formwork of the doors ready and installed it together with the pillar by end of the working day.

We celebrated together with the mayor (Nana) to get started with the ramming and the first layer ( so we called it “Grundlehmlegung” – probably not right but we liked the word 🙂 )

During the week, our group of shovelers are continuing to sieve the earth. It turned out the shoveling is really famous especially right before closing. This is because a lot of guys use it to get exploited before dinner.

During the week we were continuing the production of the windows. The window group (Cristina, Max, Barbara, Lina, Inma Mama and Inma and Ylvie) cutted and plained the lamellas and fitted the into to windows.

We decided the beam and Paco and Diego have been in the wood market to buy all wood for the beams of the roof. It turned out to gonna be a long working day because they returned late from the wood market.

David and Max were waiting at the office to support Paco and Diego to offload the wood. While we were waiting the family of Charity one of the inhabitants of Korase invited us to eat Fufu at their place. Thanks to all volunteer local people of the community who helped us offloading the wood.

On Thursday Blanca, Nico and David started the interviews with Nana, Prof. Dr. Mantee (head of NKA Foundation Ghana), some local workers (Abbas and Tawiah) and Charity, who lives in Korase. We liked our well prepared and professional interview spot below the tree :-).

We asked them different questions e.g. Collaboration with different cultures, what do they think regarding an addition classroom in Korase, talking about the life in Korase and Ghana…. So leading and following the interviews turned out very emotional at some points…

During the week, Swantje and Matthias were working on the framework for the window lintels.

Nicole finished the new prototype of wood shelve. Paco and Diego decided to use this result for the shelves. So we gonna build 10 pieces of them to have a multi-functional system at the porch, so the kids can use it as shelves for storage as well as seats.

Furthermore during the week we continued varnishing the tables and chairs.

On the weekend our friends from Spain and France (Blanca, Cristina, Nico and David) left the project to go back home. Thank you very much, we really appreciate your help and support within the aulaterra project!

On Saturday we got the first layer of the mud walls done. On Sunday we removed one side (the one which already dried longer). The results look amazing. Nana, the inhabitants of Korase like the structure of the walls.