Seventh Week – ramming of the second layer of walls, production of beams and pillars for the rooftop, continuing to produce windows


In the seventh week we were focused on:

  • Ramming of the second layer of the walls
  • Continuing to build up windows,
  • Doors,
  • Start of the production of the beams and pillars for the rooftop and the porch.

We went on in producing the windows. This week we turned out the last piece of the window itself. From now on we started to add the lamellas to it. That took as long time because it is necessary to hammer each nail individually. (By the way all 8 windows having in total about 320 lamellas with 2 nails each 😉 )

The both Immas got a task to sew something. The various colors of the materials are beautiful.

At the beginning of the week we continued to lift up the formwork. Frank and Paco were organizing more earth. Furthermore the lift up of the window formwork on the length sides was finished on monday to get ready to ram.

On Tuesday we started to ramm the second layer of the walls.

We finished the varnishing of all chairs. Paco, Julia and Evrin figured out that a couple of the tables tops are corrugated. The spoke with Agbe, one of the carpenters what is the best to do.

During this week three participants (Ylvie, Matthias and Sun) went back to Germany. Thank you very much to all of them for their great support!

Diego y Emanuell (the carpenter) started with the production of the pillars and beams. Max and Agbe manufactured the embrasures.

On friday a big part of the group took a half day off to regenerate. They worked a lot of hours during the week.

Imma Mama and her daughter damped together with Max the first layer of the wall.

On the weekend we took two days off to go to Cape Coast and the Kakun National Park. Just Paco and Marcello stayed at Korase to lift up the formwork together with the local workers. On Sunday the formwork got lift up, so we can start to ram at the beginning of next week.