Eighth Week – ramming of the third layer, finalization of the window lintel, production of the doors, start of the shelves for the porch (27th of August til 2nd of September)


In the eighth week we were focused on:

  • ramming of the third layer of the walls,
  • Continuing to build up windows and doors
  • Continuing with the production of the beams and pillars for the rooftop and the porch.

At the beginning of the week we lift up the formwork an rammed the 3rd layer. It was the trickiest one because we had to keep attention to the window lintel as well as the embrasure of the windows.

After that we started to clean it. The metal bender supported to get finished the reinforcements for the window lintels.

Afterwards we were ready started to concrete. Everyone helped to get the best way and chain so that we could finished soon.

Suddenly the concrete machine broke so that we had to go back to the traditional way and mix manually the concrete at the floor.

Meanwhile someone came to fix the concrete machine. He brought his own “Toolbox”… interesting at some point ;-). In addition we had to clean up the concrete window lintel and let it dry.

So we could finalize the windows lintel.

During the week we finished the first shelve and started to produce all components of the 24 shelves. (about 300 single components).

We continued the production of the pillars and beams for the room. Lina, Barbara and Harun proceeded manufacturing the doors.

Robin and Lina designed and created a garbage bin for the school. It looks wonderful!

During the week the metal bender made the holders for the pillars at the porch as well as the beams of the roof. At the beginning we constructed an example together with the metal bender and the carpenter. On Friday it rained a lot. Paco and Diego planned the next steps with the metal bender.

Niklas and Walter made the stoppers for the doors and windows, so that they are just open outwards.

On the weekend we worked at both days. We finished the 3rd layer on top of the window lintel and started to lift up the formwork for the last layer, which is just at length sides of the building.