Ninth Week – ramming of the fourth and last layer of the walls, preparation and cementation of the circular beam, installation of the beams and pillars at the porch. (3rd til 9th of September)


In the ninth week we were focused on:

  • ramming of the fourth and last layer of the walls,
  • Preparation and cementation of the circular beam,
  • Continuing to build up shelves
  • Installation of the beams and pillars for the rooftop and the porch.

A part of the aulaterra group made a short excursion with one of the workers Joseph. He showed us his farmers place, where they harvesting rice and cocoa beans and where the produce palm oil. The palm oil production is famous for Ghana. Furthermore he showed us a place, where they gain alcohol of a tree and produce liquor. This was part of our cultural experience in Ghana.

At the beginning of the week Walter celebrated his farewell together with the mayor Nana, the team, the workers and the inhabitants of Korase.

We would like to thank Walter for his engagement, sharing his knowledge and experience as well as the joy he brought to the project.

On Tuesday we finished the ramming of the fourth layer. The fourth layer is just st the length sides of the building and will be the foundation of the roof. Both sides having a calculated slope. This slop was not that easy to ram but after a while we figured out a good technique.

After we are finished with the walls we were preparing the top as well as the formwork for the cementation of the circular beams. The metal bender made the reinforcement and the holders for the beams last week. Part of the preparation was also, to mark the line until the circular beam is going to be.

During the week Barbara, Lina, Susi and Harun and Max continued to produce the shelves.

Diego, Max and Ole started to cute the wood for the pillars at the roof because the carpenter Emanuel wanted to start with the beams at the end of the week.

Meanwhile we continued to install the pillars and beams of the porch.

On Friday we started the cementation. Due to heavy rain in the afternoon we couldn’t finish the cementation. Therefore we continued on saturday.

We worked so much so sometimes we need a short rest and a quick nap 🙂