Tenth Week – removal of casings (formwork), preparation of the outdoor Installation, preparation of the front (face of the building), beams and pillars at the roof.( 10th of September til 16th of September)


In the tenth week we were focused on:

  • removal of casings (formwork),
  • preparation of the external plant and outdoor Installation,
  • preparation of the front (face of the building)
  • beams and pillars at the roof.

  • On Monday, Paco and Max went together with the mayor Nana to the roof factory. We discussed with Diego and Nana the different options what we find are strong and which fits to the rest of the village in Korase. At the end we decided to buy a common silver ribbed roof. Furthermore we ordered all hinges for the doors and windows.

  • On Tuesday Max was leaving Korase. He went back to Germany. We would like to thank him for the last 8 weeks, his passion and the project commitment as a part of the aulaterra association.

    During the week we continued to varnish the shelves and windows. Furthermore we started to build the doors for the porch and the boxes of the electricity.

    We continued to install the pillars and beams at the roof.

    Meanwhile we started the preparation of the external plants and the stairs to the porch. Therefore Swantje and Marcello built up a formwork.

    In Addition we cleaned up the construction site and removed the earth and cement machine to get space for the outdoor facility.

    On Thursday we removed the formwork of the walls. This was a really emotional moment to see the walls. We celebrated with the team, that we reached this milestone.

    After removing the formwork Ole and Robin started to fix the used nails. One thing, what we learned from the inhabitants and carpenters is to reuse and recycle nails. They told us, that in Ghana they reuse nails at least twice. This is a good point to build up sustainable.

    Last but not least we started to prepare the wood for the face of the building. This is special wood what we plan to use to construct a nice cover between the pillars of the porch.

    In the end the building moved forward and started to grow and the outdoor installation as well as the arroundings started to get cleaned.