Eleventh Week – formworks of the porch and the stairs, windows, board and roof, electricity installation ( 17th of September til 23rd of September)


In the eleventh week we were focused on:

  • Construction of formwork of the porch and the stairs,
  • electricity installation,
  • Put the windows into the framework,
  • Board,
  • roof.

At the beginning of the week we bundled our power to get together through the last steps to finalize the classroom. Paco and Diego distributed the important tasks and communicated the goals for this week.

We finalized the front of the classroom. It was a lot of work to build the face of the porch. In addition we produced the doors to enter the porch.

Finally we put in the windows into the framework and started to produce windowsills. Furthermore we made the formwork for the stairs.

One of our big goals for this week was the roof. We had a lot of work to do to get everything done by the end of the week.

We figured out the best way and place to put the board at the wall.

Meanwhile the carpenters were roofing the classroom. We were kind of excited if the 120 pieces of corrugated sheets iron were enough.

We finalized the shelves and the last layout varnish of them. At the end of the We celebrated with the team, that we reached the next milestone (roof).

At the end of the week the group of german students left Korase after 6 weeks. Aulaterra is very thankful to them and for their support during the different steps of the project. Thank you very much!

The had a soccer game against the team of Korase