Garden Pavilion

The garden pavilion is being erected in the community garden „Niemandsland“, between the Chapel of Reconciliation and part of the Hinterland Wall of the former border strip on Bernauer Strasse.

The building was positioned parallelly to the Berlin Wall and separated by a cemetery. On the other hand, the front of the pavilion visually breaks the linearity of the wall to present itself as a lively building structure. The pavilion is understood as a landscape object that respects the materiality of the facade and the spatial relations between the monumental area and the already existing structures.

The garden house expresses itself aesthetically through its uniform and simple materiality: vertical wood strips resembling the paneling of the Chapel of Reconciliation and in the same natural coloration is used both for the facade and the lounge. In the eastern facade, individual lighting and ventilation windows are installed in each room. Their features are determined by the horticultural use. In addition to a storage area for garden equipment, a changing room and lounge are provided. Compost toilets complete the functional use.

Project: garden pavilion
Architectural design and planning: Diego Peña
Promoter: Gemeinschaftsgarten „Niemandsland“ , Berlin
Construction period: 2019
Sponsor: “Community of the Chapel of Reconciliation”