Tomatenhaus 3.0

In collaboration with the Mauergärtner of the association mauergarten e.V, was planned and built a greenhouse to be integreted in the urbarn garten located in Mauerpark, Berlin. Local vegetables grow here, which can be prepared and tasted publicly and free of charge during the «Food & Harvest» events in the garden. Thus, the community greenhouse has its place in the gardening season, promotes coexistence and strengthens neighborly relations in the neighborhood.

The Tomatenhaus 3.0 is a opened garden as a meeting place in the neighborhood, as a focal point for interested gardeners, as a place of knowledge and experience. It offers new opportunities for gardening in the Mauerpark and is an excellent addition to the outdoor culture in raised beds.

The guided self-construction was in addition to the manual skills in wood construction v.a. Practice teamwork, creativity and solution competence. All participants were able to get involved regardless of their prior knowledge to consult on location, size and design and to help each other with the implementation and learn from each other.

Project: Workshop Tomatenhaus 3.0, the intercultural community greenhouse Promoter: mauergarten e.V.
Tutor: Diego Pena
Participants: gardeners and neighborhood
Construction period: 2016
Sponsor: “Quartiersmanagement Brunnenviertel-Brunnenstraße Aktionsfonds”