Workshop Arte y Ensayo

A group of spanish and senegalese people from different disciplines, convinced of the opportunity of the earth as construction material, worked together to put in value this material in Kolda, a city in the middle of the Casamance region in Senegal.

Through the organization of an open workshop of construction, three prototypes of arches were developed to test different geometries applicable to traditional architecture. Due to the existence of an old but highvalued machine to produce compressed earth blocks in the town, some prototypes of bricks with different mixtures of laterite, cement and sand were elaborated in advanced. The laterite is a resource available in the region with extraordinary construction qualities: good thermal insulation, high compression resistance and able to adapt to different humidity situations, creating cooler spaces.

The two objectives of the workshop were to experiment with the relation of material and geometry and to get back in touch with traditional ways of construction as an alternative to the extended cement construction.

Project: Workshop Arte y Ensayo.
Coordinators: Sara Carvajal, Aliou Cisse, Famara Mane Paco Rodriguez, Paco Trujillo
Participants: international
Construction period: Dec. 2015
Sponsor: private