Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

Theme of the Festival was Hospitality. We would like to experiment with the idea of a public home both as a functional space and as symbolic welcoming place. Again, we proposed to builld a pavillion with a camera oscura that provoke people go inside to experiment a new relation with the habor of the city.

The experience of being tutors in EASA in Fredericia was among other things, enriching, fun, exciting, challenging, rewarding,…and windy, very windy! Despite the many difficulties regarding the construction and placing of the project, we were extremely lucky to have had a group of students that engaged enthousiastically on every step, and demonstrated a resilience, professionality and human values that made the workshop a form of cooperation much worth repeating.

Project: Workshop Mi casa es tu casa
Promoter: EASA 17, Denmark
Tutor: Niccolo Navarro, Diego Peña, Blanca Domínguez
Participants: internaional
Construction period: 2017
Sponsor: EASA 17, Denmark