Babel Food Resort

Babel Food Resort is located in the Matawi region north of the country of Suriname. For a long time the region has served as a mining place for the extraction of gold and silver. However, the pollution of the rivers and the danger that it poses to the health of the inhabitants currently makes it an illegal practice in the country. Since the region is occupied by large areas of forest and soil suitable for cultivation, crops and tourism, in particular, are seen as new opportunities for economic development.

That is why the local organization Babel Food Resort is committed in an area of 6 hectares of forest, near the town of Kwakoegron, planting organic crops following the principles of permaculture. This will allow, on the one hand, the direct processing of products (such as fruits, cocoa or cassava); and on the other hand it will promote a tourism that respects nature. With these two investments, at least 20 jobs will be created in agriculture, processing and marketing of products and another 5 jobs in tourism. A total of 25 jobs.

For planting it will be necessary; the adaptation of the soil for cultivation, improvement and cleaning of the land; create new internal connections with paths; all this together with the construction of an area for compost, a greenhouse, a production area, a fermentation and drying area, and a manufacturing and marketing area for products. The construction of a kitchen with dining room, accommodation and cabins with toilets is planned for the tourist center. The electricity and water supply will be autonomous with solar panels and cisterns respectively.


Project: Babel Food Resort
Promoter: Stichting Babel Food Resort
In Collaboration with: InnnnSoPro and ARGE Weltladen
Architectural Planing: aulaterra e.V
design stage: basic project in progress