Twelfth Week – FINAL WEEK – floor of the classroom, fly-screen, plastering, electrician, hand over of the classroom to the director ( 24th of September til 30th of September)


In the twelfth week we were focused on:

In the twelfth week we were focused on:
floor of the classroom,
fly -screen,
plastering of the foundation and
Hand over of the classroom to Nana and the director of the school

At the beginning of the last week we started to do the floor. There we needed a lot of cement, which we prepared but the machine (after another little reparation).
On Tuesday we installed a fly screen, the casings of the stairs and finished the blackboard.
On Tuesday as well the electrician came to install «the building» to the high-voltage power line of Korase as well as the electrical inside the building. At the end the light was working.
After a couple weeks the foundation got a bit damaged due to the construction over the past weeks. Therefore we decided to plaster it again. In addition Emanuel support us to finish the porch and put the shelves in it.
At this point we would like to thank you all the local workers who supported us. Thanks for making it possible.
On Thursday we handed over the classroom to Nana and the director of the school. Therefore all the students supported us to bring the new tables and chair into the new classroom. On Friday the students had their first day in the new classroom. To be honest, it was a very emotional moment for all of us.
After almost 12 weeks, the project aulaterra is finish. We would like to thank you all participants who took part in anyway in aulaterra, the mayor Nana, all inhabitants of Korase who supported us during that time, all association members of aulaterra and Frank from the local NGO. Furthermore we would like to say thank you to every single donator! Thank you all for you faith in aulaterra and helped us that this comes true!